Watermeisters Toastmasters Area Contest
Watermeisters compete in an Area Contest.

Welcome to Watermeisters!

We are excited to have you visit our club, where you'll experience a whole new approach to a skill set you may be seeking! First, we strive to offer a fun and dynamic experience where you can laugh while you learn valuable public speaking and leadership skills.

Second, our club is a safe place to practice and make mistakes allowing you to grow and become polished.

Meeting Time and Location

Our club meets every Wednesday from 12:05pm - 1pm at the Orange County Sanitation District. We are an open club and welcome new members.

Meet the Members

Our members come from diverse occupations, brought together by the common cause desire to improve speaking and leadership skills.

Lawrence Crandall, Professional Photographer

Lawrence Crandall, CC, CL

President, 2018_2019

Randy Kleinman

Randy Kleinman, DTM

Vice President Education 2018_2019

May Ly

May Ly

Vice President Membership 2018_2019

Sharon Yin

Sharon Yin, CC

Secretary 2018_2019

Jeremy Davis

Jeremy Davis, DTM

Immediate Past President, Treasurer 2018-2019

Kelly Hall

Kelly Hall

Sergeant-at-Arms 2018-2019

Mark Pelka

Mark Pelka

Vice President Public Relations 2018-2019

Lisa Haney

Lisa Haney, ACB, ALB

Area C4 Director

Michelle Breiter

Michelle Breiter


Ryan Matthews

Ryan Matthews, CC


Clint Armstrong

Clint Armstrong


Cortney Light

Cortney Light


Natasha Ginnaty

Natasha Ginnaty


Michelle Hetherington

Michelle Hetherington


Michelle Hadaway

Michelle Hadaway, CL


Marie Hulett

Marie Hulett, DTM


Murray Schrantz

Murray Schrantz, ACB, ALB


Kim Truong

Kim Truong, ACB, CL


Dickie Fernandez

Dickie Fernandez, CC, CL